Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Art Final Exam - Part 3

I think that my most successful piece of art was the post-it note project. We used both our technology and art skills to construct this masterpiece. I developed my art skills by learning to pixelate a photo and change the color scheme in photoshop. We voted on our favorite ones and I did not win, but my picture was of Barack Obama. I also created original art because I did something I had never done before and would not think to do. I was really happy with the outcome and it was hung in the mall and later in our school.

If I could do over any project it would be my beach painting. I worked really hard on it, but was not happy with it. I wasn't completely finished either. I wanted to add a palm tree in the front. I wish I could do over the clouds because I want to change the color of them and make them wispy-er, and lighter at the bottom. I want to make the depth more realistic by making the beach a different color and making in grainy. Then I would make ripples in the ocean and different parts of the water go up higher on the beach. This is the final product and I wish it was not.

Art Final Exam - Part 2

I Take Risks:
                Our project was to create a perspective painting; showing something in the front and something in the back. I took a risk in painting. I also took a risk in trying to show the depth and show that the ocean was far away from the beach. I was planning to put a large palm tree over the front which would be a large risk since I have never done that before and you cant erase it if its bad. I would have tried this if i had enough time. The risk in painting is that you can't go back. I tried to make the sunlight reflecting in the water and the foam meeting the beach. I also took a risk in doing the clouds because I had never done them before. I have not used acrylic or the thick canvas before.

Art Final Exam - Part 1


           Although it looks like there was no technology used in creating this piece of art, we would not have been able to make it correctly in a short period of time without a computer and projector. The project that we were given was to create art out of balloons. We could use other material, but the balloon(s) had to be the center of attention. Other groups made a tree or a flower, but Mr. Sands was very creative and helped us think of an original idea. He came up with a bag of skittles, the balloons being skittles. We took it to the next level. We went to the mail room and got paper to make the bag bigger than a regular skittles bag. We pulled up a picture of the bag on the computer and used the projector to project the image onto the board (picture #2). We taped the red paper to the board and traced and painted the words onto the paper. This made the words proportional to the large bag size and the font was exactly the same. We painted the balloons with the skittles trademark "S" and put some of them inside the bag. We hung up the bag and hung up some of the balloons artistically so that it looked like they were falling out of an open bag (picture #6).

Technology Piece - FRAME PICTURE

          This assignment was to show personality through a frame. I took a picture of Morgan in behind the auxiliary gym where there is a lot of graffiti on the ground. I thought that this was artsy. Morgan was dressed up so I wanted to make it look like she was not where she belonged. She is going to a calm, serene place that matches who she is. I was able to use technology when doing this. In photoshop, I used the polygonal lasso tool to remove the background. I pasted the picture onto the beach scene. I placed Morgan to the right of the sun because the light source is on the left in that picture and cannot be changed. I copied and pasted the shadow from the original picture of morgan into a new layer and darkened it so that it looked like a shadow on the beach sand. I was only able to do all of this with the use of photoshop on the computer.

Part 2  - beach painting
Part 3 - post it note

Thursday, May 21, 2015

12 Days of Photoshop: Day 6 - Movie Poster

My movie poster parody is of The Adventures of TINTIN
I took out the text and re wrote it and added some dindin for tintin.

12 Days of Photoshop: Day 5 - gif

It was my birthday and no one made me a cake so I had to make one myself. I wanted it to be realistic so I made some of the candles flicker. I did three layers of different looking candles for six of the lights. I used the smudge tool, contrast and brightness tool, warp tool and transformation tools to alter the candle lights.